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Responsable du support (finance, juridique, Rh)

Doté d’une expérience de plus de 25 ans dans la gestion stratégique et quotidienne des activités des petites, moyennes et grandes entreprises, notamment dans l’industrie de pointe. Convaincu du modèle, j’apporte mon expérience à notre entreprise innovante dans la création notamment d’un nouveau business modèle



1993 – 1995:
MBA, European University, Brussels.
1985 – 1990:
Master in Mechanical Engineering,
UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve.


Negotiating Skills,
• Manage and Motivate;
• Metallurgy and steel process;
• Management and co-development;
• Director rights and obligations;
• Workers Security;

Hobbies and interests

I enjoy playing golf and travelling with my family and friends as well as taking part in collaborative projects

Entrepreneurial and highly motivated Chief Executive, with over 25 years of
industry-leading expertise, experienced in managing the daily activities of small
businesses and large corporations alike. Proactive, goal oriented with extensive
domestic and international experience in operations, strategic positioning, and
business development. Excels at motivating business organisations to capitalise on
emerging opportunities. Multi-lingual (French, English, German, Dutch, basic Italian
and Spanish)


with my experience as an entrepreneur, I decided to create my agency with my associates in order to share our expertise in project creation, from ideation to fundraising. We also offer our services as advisors on different expertises such as marketing, finance, cyber-security and strategic analysis.

Consulting and support services: strategic and operations management,
advice and steel expertise, in Belgium and Europe –

Belgian manufacturer and distributor of cast rolls for the rolling of flat products – T.O.: EUR ± 26,2 million – ± 130 people.


Initial status: industrial tool in critical condition (decades of underinvestment), empty order book, major management problems, lack of liquidity, disagreement among shareholders, …
Key Achievements:
• Turn-over increased by 14%,
• Orderbook rose from 3 months to 2 years between 2016 and 2019,
• Defined/designed a new company strategy: mission, vision, values, development and diversification plans, Renegotiated and implemented
a 5 million EUR investment plan, • Assessed, defined and set up:
management plan with the social partners involvement – management
committee – productivity improvement plan – monitoring and management
tools: KPI’s processes, cash flow and treasury plan, SNOP (Sales and Operation Plan) – purchasing policy – R&D plan and steering – HR management
process: new organisation and positions descriptions review, new collective
agreements, labour regulation, training and multi-skills plans, …
• Sought out new financial and industrial partners, …
• Revised accounting rules and established evaluation methods, Established
a new costing model,
• Negotiated corrections and new contracts (insurances, energy / raw material
suppliers, services providers, …),
• …

company acquisition, disposal, development plan, business plan, marketing
plan, financial plan, reorganisation, specific funding negotiations, …

• Commercial Director (2009-2014), BUSINESS UNIT STRIP PRODUCTS
EUROPE – T.O./ EUR > 1 billion – ± 1100 people – Sales: 1 million To/year
• Director (2011 – 2014), SALES EUROPE – T.O.: Euro > 1 billion: group
purchasing / sales.
• Managing Director (2011 -2014), DEUTSCHLAND – group European sales
Distribution Branch:
• Managing Director (2011-2014), PROFIL BATIMENT, French profile maker
45 people – T.O./ EUR > 25 million.
• Chairman of the Board of Directors (2011-2014), EUROPEAN DISTRIBUTION
(Belgian, French and Czech units), T.O.: EUR ± 250 million – 180 people.
• C.E.O. (2004-2011) / Director (2009-2011) DISTRIBUTION EUROPE (Belgian,
French and Czech units) – T.O.: EUR 500 million – 320 people.
• SSC BENELUX Manager et and Director (2003-2004), DUFERCO – 2 steel
centres – T.O.: EUR 50 million – 250 people – 130 kTo/year.
Key Achievements:
• Developed Belgian steel centres (+ 40 % turnover),
• Curtailed and sold rail activity,
• Developed business for building industry (turnover doubled in 8 years),
• Created and implemented business for automotive industry
(from 0 to 100 kTo/year),
• Set up a stockist and trading company,
• …

Responsibilities evolved from Technical Sales Engineer, Sales Manager Steel
Centre, CEO German Steel Centre, CEO German Sales Agencies, to Branch
Manager German Distribution (T.O.: EUR 180 million – 200 people).
Key Achievements:
• Sales doubled in Eastern Germany,
• Branch and agencies returned to profit each year.

Core Competencies and skills

• Visionary and entrepreneurial leadership
• Advice, support and assistance for shareholders, directors and management teams Strategic, change and operations management (business / investment plans, continuous process enhancement, multi-site operations,
supply-chain development and implementation, …)
• Company creation, acquisition, (re)-organisation, disposal
•Excellent interpersonal and human resources skills Highly skilled and persuasive negotiator


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